CIM offers many levels of membership : an extensive and flexible membership structure aimed at different levels of educational and management experience. These membership levels are :

1. Accredited member CIM, C.Mgr and P. Mgr.
2. Campus member
3. Corporate member
4. Life member

In order to register, the member (student) must:

1. Register with the Institute. For information This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
2. Meet the admission conditions of McGill or Concordia Universities
3. Complete successfully all courses prescribed by the Canadian Institute of Management

The yearly CIM membership fee are :

150.00$ + tax (HST 13% only) for 2014-2016 ; for college student and Retired.

150.00$ + tax (HST 13 % only) for 2014-2016 ; for university students.

250.00$ + tax (HST 13 % only) for 2014-2016 ; for graduated members.

Other fees :

Study of the file: 50.00$ + tax (HST 13% only)

Request of exemption and equivalence: 50.00$ + tax (HST 13 % only) per course

Delivery of the diploma

The fees for the courses are paid directly to the University McGill and Concordia.